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We provide many different amenities. For anything not on our list, please feel free to call us as we can accommodate most any request but may charge additional for those amenities. As a side note, we regularly sanitize and clean our vehicles to have them in their best condition whatever the occasion may be.


This keeps the drinks we stock chilled and is not meant for consumption.


Each of our glasses has a

decorative paper napkin. White or seasonal colored napkins are default.


We provide assorted soft drinks and waters and chill them in ice in the bars.


Each vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth-capable sound systems.


We stock the bar full of crystal tumblers and champagne flutes.


Each vehicle comes with surround sound from major brands like Boss and Dolby.


Our limousines come with built-in champagne bins. We may only stock these with ice upon request and number of bins vary. Please call for details.


Each of our vehicles comes with dark tint for your privacy. Some vehicles may also have shades.


Our limousines come with built in LED lights and fiber optics. Different modes can set the tone of a luxury ride or an electric party.


We maintain the vehicles at a comfortable temperature. Some vehicles allow you to control the heat and cooling systems. Ask your chauffer for details on the controls.


Our limousines come with partitions that are by default rolled up for privacy. Ask your chauffer where the controls are located.

Bottle Opener

Our limousines come with a bottle opener for glass bottles with caps and for a wine bottle with a cork. Additionally, you can request that your driver open your bottles.

Additional items

For any additional amenity that you'd like please feel free to ask us. We can provide most anything within reason (for a possible added cost) and such examples include, but are not limited to, a bouquet of roses, chocolate strawberries, candy, realistic rose petals to line the floor and seats, your favorite soft drinks or juices, etc. We generally include trash bags and some vehicles may have a trash can. Availability of hand sanitizer may be limited. If you'd like alcohol it's strictly BYOB as we do not possess a vendor's license. 

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